What you focus on grows..

Thoughts become things.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you really want from life? Seriously. Everyday gives you a new set of opportunities to grow. To see more, to do more and to be more. Even when you think you don’t have enough around you in terms of people or means, you have more than enough within you to change your life for the better. The mind is like a magnet. Whatever you allow in, is usually what you see playing out the most in your life. If you choose to focus on the negative aspects of things, you’ll only ever see things that way. Take some time to observe your environment from time to time. For example, if you really don’t like your job, you don’t enjoy it because of the people or the work you have to do, allow yourself to change your perspective. Try to look for the good in the people you work with. Highlight their positive qualities. Pay attention to the good things about them. The way they dress, the way they talk or even simply the fact that they are different to you. Life is all about perspective. Shift your focus. If you change your mind, you can change your life. Understandably, it can be hard and can even take a little bit of time, but all things are possible with enough work and more importantly, consistency. I’ve noticed the cycles of negative thinking amongst so many people and I’ve been there plenty of times myself. I realised one day that I really wanted to be happy, and I really wanted to live a life filled with peace and love. Peace and love are essentially the most important things to me in this life after God, but they don’t come by simply wanting and wishing for them to come your way. If you want peace, you literally have to fight for it and also fight to maintain it. The world is filled with people and circumstances that will do anything to fight against you having peace and keeping it. This is why managing your thoughts is so important. I understand it’s not easy to do but from my research and experience, it’s possible.

The first step is wanting it enough to move yourself into action. I remember when I decided that what I wanted the most in life was just to be genuinely happy and not allow my circumstances to change me. I didn’t know how to do this so I got to work. I started watching TedTalks, motivational YouTube videos, listening to positive affirmations, reading self help books and studying the Bible. The combination of mental and spiritual stimulation helped me grow in a way that I was learning more about different levels of myself, how to think differently about myself, the world around me and my circumstances. I began learning how much power we really do have over our lives and how things can turn out just by allowing yourself to dive deeper into your own mind and make some changes. One thing which was consistent through different teachings was the idea that you have to believe you have already got something in order to see it manifest in your life. Instead of saying “I want”, start saying “I have”. In the beginning it didn’t make sense convincing myself that I had these things before actually being able to see them but I kept with it. They say “Repetition is the father of learning”, and it really is. You see, your mind is like a sponge, the more you speak about something, the more life you give it. The more life you give it, the bigger you make it, and the more frequently you begin to see until it builds a home in your life. The same happens with our thoughts. When your mind is inclined to think negatively, you’ve already concluded that there can only be negative and so that’s all you’ll see, and you’ll begin welcoming more of that into your life, likewise if you think positively. Some people will say that they’re just being “realistic” but what is “real”? It’s whatever you decide to make it. If you want something, you have to keep telling yourself you have it until it manifests into your life. It’s psychological and it’s a universal law. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary, only what you tell it and keep repeating until it becomes a belief. A belief is a thought that you keep thinking. You believe what you say more than what other people tell you. So keep filling your mind with more of what you want to see manifest in your life, believe that it’s already here waiting for you to meet with it and expect it to unfold in your life. In the meantime, keep reminding yourself of the these things which are waiting for you.

Below are some resources I’ve used in my journey which I hope can also help you. I’ve put together a playlist on my YouTube page of videos which dive into the topics discussed a little more. Peace and love ✨

References Books

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YouTube Videos

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TED Talks

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My YouTube Playlists

Momentum: Motivation:

Positive Affirmations

Morning Gratitude Affirmations:

Daily Morning Positive Affirmations for Personal Transformation:

Declarations and Affirmations Playlist:

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