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The winter season calls for better healthcare especially with many illnesses going around. I like to focus on immune boosting foods & supplements to look after my health in these times. One of my favourite foods is Sea Moss, which is rich in iodine, protein, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc and more. It’s known to have 92 of the 102 minerals that the body is made up of, although some studies suggest that it contains 99 of these minerals. Either way, it’s potent and a great source of multivitamins and minerals.

Sea Moss, alternatively referred to as Irish Moss in the Caribbean is an algae or a moss, similar to seaweed with huge health benefits. Another name is Carageenan Moss where it’s used as an ingredient to thicken and emulsify foods including ice cream

11 benefits of Sea Moss

1. For the skin.

One of my favourite benefits is that it’s known to be a vegan source of collagen. It stimulates collagen production in the skin, keeping the skin firm and keeps the skin youthful with the help of Vitamin E. As well as maintaining youthful skin, it is also known to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, wounds and sunburn.

2. Weight loss.

It gives the feeling of felling full and also reduces appetite and controls cravings. Being high in iodine and selenium helps it synthesise the thyroid hormones and increases motabolism, also contributing to reduce weight loss.

3. Muscle Recovery.

Regardless of your fitness levels, Sea Moss is great for helping to repair the muscles after a workout. Because it’s made up of collagen, this helps to strengthen and repair the connective tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties help with a fast recovery after a workout and replace any lost minerals from a workout. It also helps to lubricate the joints of you experience any joint pain.

4. Hormone regulator.

For both men and women, it helps to balance the hormones. Specifically for the ladies it helps to increase fertility, deals with menstrual issues and helps with fibroids. The iodine and selenium in Sea Moss reduce thyroid disorders, contributing to balanced hormones. It’s also good for improving reproductive health in men and women.

5. Digestive health.

It helps to improve gut health and alleviate acid reflux, regulates bowel movements and alleviates gas. In addition to soothing the mucus membranes in the digestive tract, it coats the lining of the gut and protects it from ulcers and disease. Sea Moss acts as a probiotic in the digestion process, removing bad gut bacteria, stimulates short-chain fatty acid production. As it’s also high in fibre, it helps rid the body of harmful toxins and chemicals.

6. Improves mental health and enhances mood.

Potassium is a mineral which is high in electrolytes and helps improve brain and heart function. In addition, it increases serotonin & keeps stress levels down by relaxing the muscles in the body and reducing blood pressure, resulting in healthy emotional and mental health, alleviating feelings of depression and anxiety.

7. Boosts energy

The high iron content in Sea Moss helps distribute oxygen throughout the body helping to increase metabolism so that the food consumed can be turned into energy. Being high in Vitamin B, including B2 and B9 , also known as riboflavin and folate, these help break down fat, carbohydrates and proteins in the body and with the help of Vitamin B12 producing more blood cells, this helps provide more energy.

8. Relieves asthma.

Sea Moss removes mucus from the body ad organs including the lungs. It’s anti-inflammatory properties reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract making it easier for those suffering with asthma or other respiratory conditions to breathe easier and preventing lung problems.

9. Natural pain killer.

As mentioned before, Sea Moss is great for reducing inflammation in the body, also meaning that it is great for relieving pain in the muscles, joints, stomach and reduces headaches.

10. Detoxifying properties.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness or simply maintain a healthy body, Sea Moss is great for detoxing the body which is an important part of these. Sea Moss contains align which is a phytonutrient, effective in eliminating heavy metal residue like mercury in the body and toxins.

11. Boosts immune system.

One of the health benefits of Sea Moss is that it helps boost the immune system. It has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties helping the body fight infection, flu and allergies. Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and chlorophyll, it helps break down excess mucus in the body and lymphatic system.

Other benefits:

  • Regulating hormones

  • Improving reproductive health

  • Supporting thyroid

  • May help recovery after surgery

  • Treat anaemia

  • Reduces high blood pressure

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Suppresses hunger

  • Improves heart health

  • Improves overall health

Side note: all of these benefits work best with a healthy balanced diet with less refined sugars, salts and preservatives, increased fresh fruits and vegetables, contributing to a healthy maintenance and regulation of the body, whether assisting body goals or for simply maintaining a healthy body and fitness levels.

Steps to making Sea Moss gel:

  • Soak for 8 hours or overnight

  • Use filtered or spring water

  • Add the juice of a lime for cleaning

  • The sea moss will expand overnight

  • Wash thoroughly

  • Checks strands for bits of dirt

Add a cup of spring or filtered water (optional to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of ginger), and blend until smooth

Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to 3 weeks

Storage: Best kept in glass jar but can be left in plastic container for up to 3 weeks.


1 tablespoon a day is enough

Add to smoothies, shakes, porridge, stews or consume on its own.

Where to buy?

If you’re from London, I buy mine from either Pempamsie ( or Neter Vital ( If you’re purchasing from other shops, the quality can vary, do be sure to enquire it’s origins and make sure it’s wild crafted and 100% organic.

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