Everyday in every way I am getting better and better

Everyday in every way I am becoming strong, bolder and wiser

Everything I need is within my reach

Things are always working out for me

I am love

I am loving

I am loveable

I am loved

I am beautiful

I am creative

Everything I need to be right now is already all that I am

I am more than good enough

I am needed

I am valuable

I am necessary

I am appreciated

I am supported

I am looked out for by those who surround me

I am highly intuitive

I am inspirational

I am motivational I am fully capable of doing absolutely ANYTHING I put my mind to

Everything I touch turns to gold

The Creator guides my mind and my hands to inspire, uplift, create and become greater and greater every single day

I exist to make a huge difference and positive impact in people’s lives

I have a beautiful heart

I am powerful beyond measure

I am wealth

I am strong

I am determined

I am fun

I am energetic

I am confident

I EXUDE confidence

I LOVE being free to be myself everywhere I go

I express myself as myself freely and effortlessly

I am an effective communicator and I am understood clearly and concisely by those I interact with

People connect with me on deep emotional, mental and intellectual levels

People learn valuable things from what I say and how I live around them

I am a teacher and a nurturer of minds and souls

The interactions I share with people are filled with pure love, joy, happiness, peace and abundance

I am a joy to be around

I deserve to feel better and better every single day

I deserve to be happy

I am happy

I am secure

I am constantly growing

I am always evolving

I am abundantly developing

Growth is a strong element of my life experience

I have prosperity

I have abundance

I am radiant

People are drawn to me by the warmth of my spirit

I am a magnet for success and good fortune

I have an abundance of positive people surrounding me

Positive energy permeates all areas of my life

I am adequate

The Most High is always giving me what satisfies my soul

Everything I desire is constantly flowing through my experiences

I am stable and secure in all areas of my life

Clarity flows through my being

I am very well balanced

I am worthy

I am deserving

I have happiness

I have what I want and need in life

I am open to receiving love, joy, wealth, abundance and all the beautiful people, situations and things of this beautiful life experience

Life is supposed to be fun & I enjoy the flow

Everyday I am greeted by new and exciting opportunities

I am positive

I attract positive people and experiences

I love meeting new experiences that add value to all that I am

I am constantly manifesting my desires, wants and passions

I am healthy

I am illuminous, peaceful and happy

Everything I need is already within me

I am whole

I am divinely guided

I am appreciated

People acknowledge the true nature of who I am

I am purposeful

I love myself, I love myself, I love myself!

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